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We mention the term reconditioning in many of the vehicles that we sell. What does that term mean to you as a buyer? It means that we know a bit more about the vehicle than the average dealer does. We are a very small company with the owner George, his wife Patty, Mark, and Steve. That's it...just four people. George is in charge of buying the vehicles prior to the reconditioning process. He then drives the vehicle and notes any items that need to be addressed and the work on the vehicle begins. Here we will follow a 2001 GMC W4500 reefer truck through the complete reconditioning process. First things first we had the refrigeration unit checked out at a local dealer that services them. They checked  it over and said it should get down to the single digits. When we picked it up the inside was a cool 19 degrees. George had a short list on the truck. Put on a set of tires, fix the lights inside the box, put on a new front bumper, and fix the rollup rear door. Next the truck went to another dealer to have new cables put on the rear rollup door and lubricated all the rollers. Works great now! Here are some photos of the reconditioning of the 2001 W4500 reefer truck. Over 100 man hours were put into this truck!


First to the Wash Bay

The first thing done is spend a couple hours with a power washer and blow of all the dirt everywhere.

Big Daddy

Here Steve uses what we name "Big Daddy." It is a 4000 pound steam cleaner. When he is done with this it will be clean!

The Lists

We keep a record of what we have done to the truck, how much time we have invested, and a matainance check off list.

New Front Pads

During inspection we found that the front pads where getting down below specs so a new set was installed.

Rears OK

Rear shoes are OK and seals aren't leaking.

Up in the Air

Still working on the checklists. Coming along pretty good now. Lights have been checked, lubrication done, and fluids topped off. Even new wiper blades installed!

Buff and Polish and Wax

Here Mark is a work with his trusty buffer. The cab is compounded, polished, and then paste waxed. Even the sides of the box has been polished and hand waxed! Mark is a tired puppy after about 10 hours of buffing!

Painting Rear of Box

Normal wear and tear of boxes prompts us the paint the rear edges. Here the white is sanded, primed, and painted.

Satin Black

Hear the rear step bumper and lower box edge is sanded, primed, and painted.

Clean the Seats

Seats in these Isuzu NPR type trucks are easy to clean. Take off the covers and throw them in the washer.

Interior Cleaning

With the seats removed the interior can be properly cleaned.

Paint the Rims

All of the rims are sanded, primed, and receive a fresh coat of paint.

New Tires

Brand new tires all the way around. Also all of the lugnuts and studs are lubed up with anti-seize.

Refrigeration Hoses

For preventive measure we wrapped the hoses in protective heat wrap.

Hose to Reefer

The hoses going to the reefer unit were also wrappe in insulation for better cooling.

Inside Back Together

Covers are put back on the seats and seats installed in the detailed interior.

Ready to Go to Work

Truck is all done and ready to go to work!