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2000 UD1200


2000 UD1200 12' Box Truck Automatic A/C

Needs Wiring Harness!!!

Up for sale is this 2000 UD 12' box truck. We are selling this truck the way it came in. The wiring harness has been shorted out! We were told it ran before the short occurred. Should be just a matter of installing a new motor wiring harness but this truck is sold as-is! It is powered by a 4.6L Nissan four cylinder diesel motor backed by an automatic four speed overdrive transmission. It has a 12' Mickey box and an Ultron aluminum power railgate rated at 1,250 pounds. Miles on this truck are only 101,550. It has air conditioning, delay wipers, and a factory AM-FM stereo cassette radio. The outside of the cab is in excellent condition with no major dents and is rust free. The front bumper is damaged and the right headlight capsule is cracked. The interior should be excellent after a detailing. One of the glovebox covers is missing. The side of the box have painted over vinyl to deidentify it and someone started to remove it in a couple of spots with a stripper. Inside the watertight box is four rows of etrack and carpet covered boards. Tires are 215/85R16 with two excellent and four fair. The cover for the rear gate mechanism has surface rust on it. Needless to say this truck will have to be towed or flatbeded since it does not run.

  • GVWR...12,000 Pounds
  • GAWR Front...4,470 Pounds
  • GAWR Rear...8,600 Pounds
  • Box Inside...12'L X 90"W X 80"H
  • Ground to Floor of Box...38"
  • Total Length...224"
  • Box Door Opening...88"W X 72"T
  • Wheelbase...133"
  • Total Height...118"
  • Liftgate...89" X 42"